Kaloyan Kosev

Kaloyan Kosev

Front-End Engineer at DevLabs (currently focused on React, React Native, NodeJS). In the 10k+ reputation club on StackOverflow. Member of ABLE. Alumni of AIESEC.Front-End Engineer at DevLabs (currently focused on React, React Native, NodeJS).

Kaloyan worked with Atanas on the same team

Atanas is extremely knowledgeable and always eager to help! He has extensive experience in JavaScript, which oftentimes helps him debug and understand in-depth extremely complicated use-cases and issues.

I had the opportunity to work with him very closely while developing the foundations of the E.ON Home cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile app and I'm impressed with not only his programming skills but moreover - his level of commitment in the E.ON Home project. He is not afraid to take ownership, to experiment, to push changes for a better good or to overall - improve and grow.

I would recommend Atanas as a great addition to any team! Moreover, I am looking forward to continuing our mutual collaboration on any future challenges!

Hassan Harb

Hassan Harb

Head of Energy Management and Software @E.ON

Hassan managed Atanas directly

Atanas or Nasko as his friends call him is the what every team member or leader would ask for in a colleague and front end developer.

Nasko is a professional expert which is easily seen on a daily basis in his attitude towards complex features or missing requirements by staying composed with a solution finding mindset, taking ownership and delivering.

Nasko is an asset to any team due his positive and supportive attitude especially under challenging conditions of product feature releases, incidents resolution and changes of priorities. He is of those team member that you can put your trust in and rely on when unforeseen problems occur and need quick resolution.

It was my pleasure to work with Nasko as a lead FE developer over the past years to build the E.ON Home platform and delivering this product for thousands of customers in 6 countries. I highly recommend him and look forward to work with him in the future.

Alex Cirlan

Alex Cirlan

Director of Products and Digital Services

Alex was senior to Atanas but didn't manage Atanas directly

I had the pleasure of working with Atanas for five years, during which time he was an integral member of our team, responsible for developing the front-end of the E.ON Home app.

Atanas is a highly skilled WEB developer who consistently delivers high-quality, standards-compliant, optimised, and scalable code. He has a keen eye for detail and is passionate about delivering user interfaces that are both accessible and visually appealing. He takes pride in creating beautiful user interfaces that provide the best possible user experience. Atanas is always eager to learn new technologies and stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

What sets Atanas apart is his ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams. He is an excellent communicator and is always willing to lend a helping hand to his colleagues. He takes ownership of his work, is deadline-driven, and is never afraid to go the extra mile to get the job done.

I strongly recommend Atanas for any front-end development role, and I am confident that he would be an asset to any team he joins.

Andrada Halmaciu

Andrada Halmaciu

Senior Test Automation Engineer • Contractor • Freelancer | I help companies design, implement and reach high quality software products.

Andrada worked with Atanas on the same team

I've been working with Atanas since almost two years now and I could not recommend him more.

He is a great colleague, very easy to collaborate with, fun.

Atanas has a very structured way of thinking and he always brings clarity over the complicated cases that arise every day, taking ownership too.

His attention to details is extraordinary and he just doesn't get tired when it comes to high quality software.

Just one of the best people I've worked with so far!

Yusein Kerdakov

Yusein Kerdakov

Front-End Developer | React & TypeScript

Atanas was senior to Yusein but didn't manage Yusein directly

I highly recommend Atanas as a colleague and senior in the field of web development.

He is an absolute professional, and his extensive experience in the industry is truly invaluable. He not only excels in his work but also brings a sense of humor that makes the workplace more enjoyable.

Atanas is not only a great professional but also a great person from whom you can learn a lot.

It's a pleasure to work alongside him.

Boryana Dimitrova

Boryana Dimitrova

Front-end engineer at devlabs

Boryana worked with Atanas on the same team

I've been working with Atanas for two years now in the E.ON Home team and I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him.

His immeasurable knowledge spreads in a lot of fields, not only front-end related. The ability to share his skills with his team and his willingness to do it is something that I really appreciate and thank him for - you can learn a lot from him. He always looks out for ways to excel in his work and always finds the best solution to a problem.

Atanas is a great professional, and a great person, too. One of the best I've been honoured to work with so far. And, I cannot wait to tackle new challenges together in future projects!

Dominik Braun

Dominik Braun

Senior Backend-Developer, Cloud Solution Architect, Donar Cloud-Architects GmbH

Dominik worked with Atanas on the same team

Working with you has been a true pleasure. It's rare to encounter someone as talented, motivated and fun to work with as you.

Your remarkable contributions to the frontend team are exceptional. Collaborating with you has been a joy, and I've learned so much in the process.

As you move on to new endeavors, I have no doubt that any project fortunate enough to have you will greatly benefit from having you in the team.

While our professional paths here may diverge, I'm confident our paths will cross again in the not-too-distant future. Should anyone ever seek a top-notch frontend developer your name will be the first that comes to mind. ❤️

Christian Pergande

Christian Pergande

Chief Cloud Architect & Co-Founder @ Donar Cloud-Architects GmbH

Christian worked with Atanas on the same team

I had the pleasure of working with Atanas in the E.ON Home Project, where his expertise, particularly in web application development, greatly contributed to the success of the E.ON Home project. Atanas is not just a skilled software developer; he is a professional who brings a unique blend of technical expertise, dedication, and a collaborative spirit to every task.

Beyond his technical skills, what truly sets Atanas apart is his work ethic and personality. He is reliable, always delivering on his commitments with a quality that exceeds expectations. His helpful nature makes him a go-to person for colleagues seeking advice or facing technical challenges. Moreover, his friendly and positive attitude contributes significantly to a pleasant and productive work environment.

His blend of technical expertise, dedication to his work, and the ability to work harmoniously in a team makes him a valuable asset to any organisation. I am confident that he will continue to excel and bring about positive changes wherever he goes.

Oleg Camenscic

Oleg Camenscic

System Software Engineer

Oleg worked with Atanas on the same team

Atanаs is a rare professional, that truly values authentic technical solutions and relational connections in the team. If that was not enough he is like an encyclopedia in everything related to front-end development, and channels this creativity into robust and flexible solutions by using a variety of mediums.

Equally at home behind or in front of a camera he can design creatively and communicate powerfully the current state and possible design flaws.

An inspirational person who pushed me to explore and exploit fundamental ideas in WEB development.

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