Web application or website starter template


  1. Download or clone this repository
  2. Extract in a folder on your machine
  3. Navigate to the folder via your preferred terminal application
  4. Execute:
  • yarn
  • yarn start
  1. Open localhost:1234
  2. Start editing the source code.


Multiple HTML files are supported, just add a new one in the root of your project.

CSS is located in src/css, each file should be used as a module and should contain only the relevant CSS for one component.

The src/css/style.css is the stylesheet entrypoint, all other files should be @import-ed in the style.css file.

JS is located in src/js, all modern EcmaScript features are supported.

The style.css is import-ed in the src/js/main.js file.

Build for production

Run yarn build and use the files located in the dist folder.

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