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Atanas Atanasov's Socials

Links to various social media

This is a native web component built with TypeScript, with no dependencies, which lists links to various social medias.


npm i scriptex-socials

# or

yarn add scriptex-socials


In your JavaScript/TypeScript entry point:

import 'scriptex-socials';

You can also include the web component directly from



<script async src=""></script>

Then add the component in your HTML/JSX markup:


<!-- or with custom color -->

<social-links style="color: red;"></social-links>

<div style="background: black;">
	<social-links style="color: white;"></social-links>

React with TypeScript

If you're using React with TypeScript, you need to extends the JSX IntrinsicElements interface so TypeScript knows that the social-links element exists.

You can do so in a custom.d.ts file in your project's root folder. Don't forget to add that file in your tsconfig.json!

declare namespace JSX {
	interface IntrinsicElements {
		'social-links': any;


Currently it includes the following:



Connect with me:


Support and sponsor my work:

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