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SCSS Goodies

SCSS helpers and tools for every day usage

SCSS Goodies is a growing collection of SASS/SCSS helpers and tools. It can be imported into your existing application and used right away.

SCSS Googies leaves no footprint (no CSS is being generated when you import the library) if you don't use it. This means that you can import the whole library and not be afraid of large compiled CSS file sizes. Power users are free to dig in and import separate file(s) is they feel the need.

For details about the current helpers and tools, please see the API docs.

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You can download this repository directly or install it via npm or yarn:

npm i scss-goodies

# or

yarn add scss-goodies


If installed via npm or yarn, just @import the main file:

@import 'scss-goodies';
/* or if that does not work */
@import 'scss-goodies/src/index.scss';
/* if you're in a webpack context, prepend a ~ in front of the path */
@import '~scss-goodies';

If manually downloaded, then copy the scss-goodies folder in your application folder and manually import the index.scss file or the file that you wish to use.


More details about usage, configuration and implementation can be found in the documentation.



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