Rollup MPA Analytics

A starter template for web applications using Rollup as a module bundler.


This repository serves as a starter template for creating multiple page applications using Rollup as a module bundler.

A module bundler is a JavaScript (in this case) module which bundles your JS/CSS modules in one file, optimizes their size, minifies them and does many more things.

This starter template provides:

  • Latest EcmaScript/JavaScript support
  • Optional support for TypeScript instead of JavaScript
  • SASS pre-processor for stylesheets
  • PostCSS post-processor for stylesheets
  • PNG sprites
  • SVG sprites (TODO)
  • PWA capabilities (TODO)
  • minification of the generated (CSS and JS) bundles
  • tree shaking
  • stylesheet assets managements (copy assets referenced in the imported stylesheets - fonts, images, etc.)



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