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React Round Carousel

An infinitely scrollable 3D carousel component for React


This is an infinitely scrollable, touch enabled, 3D, image carousel component which can be used in a React application.

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First install the component using your preferred package manager:

npm i react-round-carousel

# or

yarn add react-round-carousel


Then import the component in your application. Here is an example:

The slides (or items) should have the following shape:

Prop Type Required Description Example
alt string false Alternative text for the slide image 'This is an example alt text'
image string true Path or URL to an image ''
content ReactNode true A ReactNode representing the content of the slide <div><strong>Slide Title</strong></div>
import * as React from 'react';
import { createRoot } from 'react-dom/client';

import { Carousel, CarouselItem } from 'react-round-carousel';

// Create an array of Carousel Items
const items: CarouselItem[] = Array(20)
	.map((_: string, index: number) => ({
		alt: 'A random photo',
		image: `${210 + index}`,
		content: (
				<strong>Round Carousel</strong>
				<span>Slide number {index + 1}</span>

const App = () => <Carousel items={items} />;

createRoot(document.getElementById('root')!).render(<App />);


The component accepts the following configuration options as props:

Prop Type Required Description Default
classNamePrefix string false CSS classname prefix for the Carousel component 'carousel'
items CarouselItem true An array of CarouselItems []
itemWidth number false Width of each of the carousel items 210
nextButtonContent string/ReactNode false Content of the next button 'Next'
prevButtonContent string/ReactNode false Content of the previous button 'Previous'
showControls boolean false Show/hide navigation controls true


In order to achieve the layout shown in the demo, you should add styles to your markup.

There is an already existing stylesheet which can be found in the src folder and can be imported:

  • in your JS entrypoint
    import 'react-round-carousel/src/index.css';
  • in your CSS entrypoint
    @import 'react-round-carousel/src/index.css';

If you don't want to use the default stylesheet, you can create and use your own.



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