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React Accordion

An accordion widget for React web applications written in Typescript.

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This is a collapsible widget for React web applications written in TypeScript without any external dependencies (except React of course).

It uses the Hooks API and CSS to animate the collapsible contents.

The latest version of the widget has been built using the Hooks API introduced with React 16. If you need to support older versions of React, please install an older version.

Please note that this widget does NOT work with React Native.

You can see the demo here


npm i react-accordion-ts

# or

yarn add react-accordion-ts


import * as React from 'react';
import { Accordion } from 'react-accordion-ts';

const content = 'Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit.';

const news = [
		date: '12-10-2018',
		title: 'Awesome title',
		content: [content]
		date: '13-10-2018',
		title: 'Awesome title',
		content: [content, content],
		open: true
		date: '13-10-2018',
		title: 'Awesome title',
		content: [content],
		open: true

const items ={ open, date, title, content }) => ({
	title: <h2>{date + ' - ' + title}</h2>,
	content: (
			{ string, index: number) => (
				<p key={index}>{item}</p>

export const MyComponent = () => <Accordion items={items} duration={300} multiple={true} />;

You can also use the basic stylesheet included:

import 'react-accordion-ts/src/panel.css';


@import 'react-accordion-ts/src/panel.css';

// If the above doesn't work, add a ~ in the beginning:

@import '~react-accordion-ts/src/panel.css';


Accordion props

Prop Type Required Default Description
open number false -1 Zero based index representing the accordion item which is initially open
items AccordionItem[] true - Array of AccordionPanel objects (see below)
duration number false 300 Duration (in milliseconds) of the expanding/collapsing animation
multiple boolean false false A ReactNode representing the content of the slide

Accordion panel props

Prop Type Required Description
open boolean false Whether the panel should be initially open
title ReactNode true The title of the panel. This is the element which expands/collapses the panel on click
content ReactNode true The panel content.



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