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Random Splice

Get random element from array when looping

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When looping over an array in JavaScript, you sometimes want to get a random item.

One solution is to first shuffle the array and then loop over it.

Another one is to get random element while looping.

Use case

Lets say that you want to render a word cloud.

Lets say that you do not want to keep the same order each time.

This is where you can use the randomSplice function.


yarn add random-splice


npm i random-splice


import { randomSplice } from 'random-splice';

const arr = ['Your', 'Awesome', 'Array'];

while (arr.length) {


  1. This function modifies the original array. This is where its magic comes from
  2. This function accepts only arrays
  3. This function can be used in an ES6 environment



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