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A collection of simple python mini projects to enhance your Python skills.

If you want to learn about python, visit here.

If you are new to Github and open source then, visit here.

Steps To Follow

  • Select an issue and ask to be assigned to it.

  • Check existing scripts in the projects directory.

  • Star this repository.

  • On the python-mini-projects repo page, click the Fork button.

  • Clone your forked repository to your local machine. This button will show you the URL to run.

    For example, run this command inside your terminal:

    git clone<your-github-username>/python-mini-projects.git

    Replace <your-github-username>!

    Learn more about forking and cloning a repo.

  • Before you make any changes, keep your fork in sync to avoid merge conflicts:

    git remote add upstream
    git fetch upstream
    git pull upstream master
    git push

    Alternatively, GitHub also provides syncing now - click "Fetch upstream" at the top of your repo below "Code" button.

  • If you run into a merge conflict, you have to resolve the conflict. There are a lot of guides online, or you can try this one by

  • Checkout to development branch (name your branch according to the issue name).

    git checkout -b <branch-name>
  • Create a folder in projects directory according to issue name.

  • Write your code and add to the respective folder in the projects directory, locally.

  • Don't forget to add a in your folder, according to the README_TEMPLATE.

  • Add the changes with git add, git commit (write a good commit message, if possible):

    git add -A
    git commit -m "<your message>"
  • Push the code to your repository.

    git push origin <branch-name>
  • Go to the GitHub page of your fork, and make a pull request:

    pull request image

    Read more about pull requests on the GitHub help pages.

  • Now wait, until one of us reviews your Pull Request! If there are any conflicts, you will get a notification.

README Template for scripts

README Template

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Contributors ✨

SR No Project Author
1 Hello World Ravi Chavare
2 JSON to CSV Murilo Pagliuso
3 Random Password Generator Mitesh
4 Instagram Profile Info Ravi Chavare
5 Search string in Files Mitesh
6 Fetch links from Webpage Mitesh & Michael Mba
7 Todo App With Flask Mitesh
8 Add Watermark on Images Mitesh
9 WishList App Using Django Ravi Chavare
10 Split Folders into Subfolders Ravi Chavare
11 Download bulk images Mitesh
12 Random word from file Ravi Chavare
13 Battery notification Mitesh
14 Calculate age Gaodong
15 Text file analysis m044de
16 Generate image snipets ravi chavare
17 Organize file system Mitesh
18 Send emails Mitesh
19 Get Ipaddress and Hostname of Website Nuh Mohammed
20 Progressbar using tqdm Mitesh
21 Get meta information of images Gaodong
22 Captures Frames from video phileinSophos
23 Fetch Wifi Saved Password Windows Mitesh
24 Save Screenshot of given Website m044de
25 Split files using no of lines phileinSophos
26 Encrypt and decrypt text Gaodong
27 Captures screenshot at regular interval of time d33pc
28 Create password hash m044de
29 Encrypt file and folders Gaodong
30 Decimal to binary and vice versa Alan Anaya
31 Cli Based Todo Application Audrey Yang
32 Currency Convertor cli app github-of-wone
33 Stopwatch Application Gaodong
34 CLI Proxy Tester Ingo Kleiber
35 XML to JSON file Convertor John Kirtley
36 Compress file and folders Gaodong
37 Find IMDB movie ratings ShivSt
38 Convert dictionary to python object Varun-22
39 Move files to alphabetically arranged folders Chathura Nimesh
40 Scrape Youtube video comment Saicharan67
41 Website Summerization Believe Ohiozua
42 Text To speech(mp3) Sergej Dikun
43 Image format conversion Ramon Ferreira
44 Save random article from wikipedia Rakshit Puri
45 Check website connectivity Shiv Thakur
46 Fetch city weather information Kushal Agrawal
47 Calculator App Gaodong
48 Merge Csv files Kushal Agrawal
49 Fetch tweets and save in csv Kushal Agrawal
50 Language Translator using googletrans Ashiqur Rahman Tusher
51 Split video using timeperiod Chathura Nimesh
52 Fetch unique words from file Rakshit Puri
53 Speech to text converter Paulo Henrique
54 Set Random Wallpaper Chathura Nimesh
55 Find Dominant color from image Mitesh
56 Ascii art Shiny Akash
57 Merge Pdf Files ShivSt
58 Fetch Open Port Kushal Agrawal
59 Convert Numbers To Words Niraj Shrestha
60 Restart and Shutdown System Phillibob55
61 Check website connectivity Shiv Thakur
62 Digital clock using tkinter Aditya Jetely
63 Covert Image To Pdf Gaodong
64 Store emails in csv file Shiv Thakur
65 Test Internet Connection Jacob Ogle
66 XKCD Comics Downloader Aditya Jetely
67 Website Blocker And Unblocker Phillibob55
68 Fetch Domain Dns Record Aditya Jetely
69 Python-Auto-Draw Tushar Nankani
70 News Website Scraper pratik-choudhari
71 Rock Paper Scissors Game Tushar Nankani
72 Zip File Extractor Aditya Jetely
73 Random Password Generator Tushar Nankani
74 Script to perform Geocoding Aditya Jetely
75 Python Carbon Clips Ravishankar Chavare
76 QR Code Generator Shiv Thakur
77 Recursive Password Generator Erfan Saberi
78 Tic Tac Toe Erfan Saberi
79 Tic Tac Toe with AI Tushar Nankani
80 Cartoonify an Image Bartu Yaman
81 Quote Scrapper Anandha Krishnan Aji
82 Time To Load Website Aditya Jetely
83 Customer Loan Repayment Prediction ART
84 Generate Wordcloud from Wikipedia Article Naman Shah
85 Number Guessing Game Javokhirbek
86 Convert JPEG to PNG AnuragGupta
87 Movie Information Scrapper Anandha Krishnan Aji
88 Fetch HTTP Status Code AkshataJ96
89 Check Leap Year Hariom Vyas
90 Scrape Medium Articles Naman Shah
91 HackerNews Scrapper Javokhirbek
92 Reduce Image Size Vipul Verma
93 Easy Video Player Bartu Yaman
94 GeeksforGeeks Article downloader Shiv Thakur
95 PDF to Text pi1814
96 Unstructured Supplemenrary Service Data ART
97 Duplicate Files remover Anandha Krishnan Aji
98 PNG to ICO converter weicheansoo
99 Find IMDB Ratings Utkarsh Bajaj
100 Terminal Based Hangman Game neohboonyee99
101 Whatsapp Bot urmil89
102 Zip Bruter Erdoğan YOKSUL
103 CountDown Timer Japneet Kalra

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