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Pass Score

Get the score of your password as a number.

The number can be between 0 and the length of the provided array containing the conditions against which the password will be tested.

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npm i pass-score


yarn add pass-score


First import the function

import passScore from 'pass-score';

// or

import { passScore } from 'pass-score';

Then use it with the default patterns:

// Returns a number between 0 and 4
const score = passScore('Your-passW0rd-Str1ng');

Or with custom patterns:

// Returns a number between 0 and 2
const score = passScore('Your-passW0rd-Str1ng', [
	/[\W_,!?@*\(\)]/, // Special characters
	/^.{8}/ // At least 8 characters


The function accepts two arguments:

  1. The first is the password string. It is required.
  2. The second is an array of regular expressions. It is optional. The default array is shown below.


The predefined array with conditions contains the following:

  1. /\d/ - The password should contain at least on digit
  2. /[A-Z]/, - The password should contain at least one uppercase letter
  3. /[\W_,!?@*\(\)]/ - The password should contain at least one special character
  4. /^.{8}/ - The password should be at least 8 characters long


The pass-score module provides a native web component. In order to use it you can import it:

import 'pass-score/component';

and then use it as shown in the demo.

The component accepts one attribute patterns which is a comma separated list of regular expressions against which the password will be matched.



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