NO HTML Analytics

A minimalistic responsive website using only one HTML tag and a handful of CSS


The idea was to show how a website can be built without using any HTML (well only one tag, but it's a <style> anyway).

Browsers are such nice fellows that they will add the missing markup for you.

If you provide a blank HTML page, the browsers will add the html, head and body tags for you.

So, if you only add style to the blank page, you have a working website with no markup.


The markup can be seen in the index.html page. The result can be seen here.


The idea grew into something different.

Some friends tried to prove that current SEO, reliability, compatibility, etc. tools are not reliable at all.

Let's take for example Google's Page Speed Insights:

You can see the result of the speed audit here

The audit says:

For best performance, reduce the amount of HTML needed to render above-the-fold content.

Okay, I know that it's automated and it says this for each website, but it's hilarious, don't you think?

Another funny part is the output of the Lighthouse tool, which is built into Google's Chrome web browser (can be found under Audit tab in developer tools).



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