Freelance Salary Calculator

Based on the labour law in Bulgaria and the National Revenue Agency regulations.

Tech stack

This is a web application built with NextJS, MongoDB, React, Material UI, TypeScript, NodeJS.

Running locally

First clone this repostory or download it from Github.

Then, when extracted, install the dependencies:


Then, configure the local environment by copying the .env.local.example file to .env.local file.

In the .env.local file add the following variables:

# API key from

# Mongo DB URI

Then, to run the local development server, run

yarn dev

To lint the code using ESLint, run

yarn lint

To prettify the codebase using Prettier, run

yarn prettier

To build the code for production deployment, run

yarn build

Deploying to Vercel

Simply link your cloned Github repository with your Vercel account. When this is done, Vercel will automatically pick up the configuration and scripts which it needs. If you're linking a local repository, you can use the Vercel CLI.

Don't forget to set up the environmental variables from above in your Vercel project's dashboard.



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