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A curated list of pointless yet funny websites

Welcome to the most useless place on Github.

Here you will find an extensive list of useless (and funny) websites. I knew about some of them, some of them were told to me by friends. I decided that I want more so I started googling random stuff, and that’s how I got the rest. But, believe me, the internet is full of way more useless stuff than this.

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Useless Websites

Is it Christmas? - Simple enough, this one tells you if it's Christmas or not using a giant "Yes" and "No".

Is Nickelback the Worst Band Ever? - In the spirit of the first one, this one answers a serious question.

Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet? - For those who are not sure if she is still amongst us.

The Magic Button – Make Everything OK - My personal favorite

The Dots - Select a dot (red or green) and then click on it just to be informed that nothing happens. Awesome, right?

Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things - As you probably guessed, this is a collection of pictures of Kim Jong-Il looking at stuff.

Instant Rimshot - Badum tss...

Non-Stop Nyan Cat! - It's a non-stop Nyan Cat! You can even share how much time you spent watching it. Also, there are different flavors.

A dot for each second - I don't know why!

Rainymood - Maybe not that pointless after all. It helps you focus, relax and sleep.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes - I dare you!

Blank - As the name states, it's a blank page.

Is my computer on? - If you're not sure.

Heeeeeeeey - Go to next.

Hooooooooo - Go to prev.

Ees slap! - Wanna slap someone with an eel? Here you go!

Move now think later - Watch someone play a game of checkers very quickly.

Koalas to the Max - Turn a single big circle into a cute koala just because

Bouncing Cats - Do you like cats? Wanna see then bounce? Here you go!

Random Colour - You will see a random color each time. Guaranteed!

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? - For those who are not sure.

Pointer Pointer - One of my favorites! It shows a photo of someone pointing at your cursor. Because reasons.

The Useless Web - This one takes you to a random useless website each time. Pretty awesome!

Find the Invisible Cow - Can you?

Hacker Typer - Start hacking it!

Staggering Beauty - Make the worm dance with your mouse. (Warning: Flashing images.)

Bees Bees Bees - This one reveals Oprah's secret plans.

Don't even reply - Emails from an a**hole

Shut up and take my money - All the stuff you don't need by want so bad. At one place.

Wikipedia's List of Individual Dogs - Wikipedia is a great resource... sometimes for useless stuff.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Fascinating!

A passive-aggressive password checker tool - Check you password's strength and prepare to be mocked.

Grandpa Clothes - Do not click on the black rectangle!

Sometimes Red Sometimes Blue - Yes, that's it.

Patience is a Virtue - How much time can you waste?

Rock Paper Scissors - Wanna play?

The End of the Internet - Congrats! You made it!

Fuck Yeah Button - Button for making "Fuck Yeah!" sounds and "Fuck Yeah!" animations!

Endless Horse - An astonishingly tall horse.

leave page - Just leave the page and see the reaction.

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If you wish to add more to this list, please read the contribution guidelines.


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