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Infinite Scroll

A vanilla ES2017 module for loading more items as you scroll the page down.


npm i @three11/infinite-scroll


yarn add @three11/infinite-scroll


Just download this repository and link the files located in dist folder:

<script src="path-to-infinite-scroll/dist/infinite-scroll.min.js"></script>


Include it from Unpkg CDN

<script src="//"></script>


First, import the module:

import InfiniteScroll from '@three11/infinite-scroll';

Then initialize a new instance of the module:

const infiniteScroll = new InfiniteScroll();


The default settings are:

element       : '.js-infinite',       // The container of the instance
next          : '.js-infinite__next', // The link to the next page
item          : '.js-infinite__item', // The item
disabledClass : 'disabled',           // Disabled class name
hiddenClass   : 'hidden',             // Hidden class name
responseType  : 'text/html',          // Type of the AJAX response

There is one callback:

onComplete(container) {}

This is a function which runs after the items have been added to the DOM and accepts a single argument container which refers to the element which contains the instance of the module.


GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007