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# Create Awesome Email Template

An email starter template, utilizing MJML (opens new window) framework, aiming at creating beautiful and sophisticated email templates with ease.

# Dependencies

In order to use this setup you need to have installed the following dependencies:

  1. Node - min v8.15.0
  2. NPM - min v5.6.0 or
  3. Yarn - min v1.3.2
  4. Bash terminal (Default on OSX/Linux, GitBash or similar on Windows)
  5. A running web server (Apache, MAMP, XAMPP, etc)

# Download

You can download this setup directly (opens new window) and extract it.

Then navigate to the email-template folder and proceed with the rest of the instructions.

# Install


# or

npm i

# Develop

yarn start

# or

npm start

# Build

yarn build

# or

npm run build

# Details

  1. Folder structure: