A simple REST API starter kit implementation in Deno (opens new window) environment using OAK (opens new window) as middleware framework.

The app contains basics CRUD operations managing a Book entity using at the moment a simple Interface for modeling the REST Entity with read and write operation in an array collection.

TODO: Add database and authentication support.

# Prerequisites

  1. Install Deno (opens new window)

# Shell (Mac, Linux):

curl -fsSL https://deno.land/x/install/install.sh | sh

# PowerShell (Windows):

iwr https://deno.land/x/install/install.ps1 -useb | iex

# Homebrew (Mac):

brew install deno

# Chocolatey (Windows):

choco install deno

# Scoop (Windows):

scoop install deno

# Build and install from source using Cargo

cargo install deno
  1. Configure your IDE. I am using VSCode so I installed the official Deno extension (opens new window) from the Visual Studio Marketplace. Then I followed the setup instructions:

# Usage

Lint using Deno's built in linter


Format using Deno's built in formatter


Start your server on port 5000


Compile into a single executable