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At the Wall

A scene from Game of Thrones coded in CSS and HTML. There are no images used whatsoever - only code.

This is the combined work of several frontend developers, including me. The purpose was to learn new things and work in a larger team. As a result we achieved a complex and animations-heavy interactive drawing using SCSS and HTML only.

The team was split into smaller teams (two devs) and each team worked on a part of the drawing. For example: Jon Snow, The White Walker, the sky, the snowflakes, the wall, the ground and the trees. I coded the White Walker and supervised the team, provided solutions or hints where needed and when everyone was done I merged their work in a single repository.

The drawing is completely fluid and adjusts itself to any viewport.

This repository contains a PWA version of the drawing, which can be installed on a PWA supported device and/or viewed offline.


The demo contains a minified version of the HTML and the CSS output.

The PWA can be installed on any device which supports service workers and can be viewed offline.

Team A

  1. Martin Apostolov

Team B

  1. Georgi Krastev
  2. Veselin Stoyanov

Team C

  1. Atanas Atanasov
  2. Dimitar Germanov

Team D

  1. Emil Georgiev
  2. Mario Todorov

Team E

  1. Ivaylo Kolarov
  2. Elitsa Dimitrova


  1. Zoran Draganov


  1. Delyana Maneva


  1. Nikolay Stanev