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Async Array Methods


This repository contains the asynchronous version of most array methods in JavaScript.


First install or download this repository.

npm i async-array-prototype

# or

yarn add async-array-prototype

Then either import the whole package or include a new script tag with src pointing to your downloaded and extracted repository.

You can also include the whole package from

<script src=""></script>


import 'async-array';

Once imported, the asyncronous methods are available on the Array.prototype and you can use them with any array.


  1. Async every
  2. Async filter
  3. Async find
  4. Async findIndex
  5. Async forEach
  6. Async map
  7. Async some
  8. Async reduce

ES Next

Of course you can live on the edge and use the raw ES7 version of the methods by importing them from the lib folder. This way you will not extend the array prototype and the actual usage is left to you.