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# IntroScroll

Create a fullscreen intro section and dismiss it in a single gesture.

# Description

This library creates a fullscreen intro section and disables the default page scroll.

The page scroll is being enabled again after a single mouse scroll, touch swipe up or any gesture that forces the page to move upwards.

# Install

npm i introscroll


yarn add introscroll


just download this repository and link the files located in dist folder

or include it from

<script src=""></script>


import IntroScroll from 'introscroll';

and initialize an instance using default settings

const intro = new IntroScroll();

or add your own settings

const intro = new IntroScroll({
  element: '#your-fullscreen-section',
  wrapper: '#your-fullscreen-sections-wrapper',
  container: '#your-fullscreen-sections-container',
  trigger: '#your-fullscreen-sections-link',
  scrollClass: 'intro--scrolled',
  duration: 1000,
  afterScroll(instance) {

For more details please see the demo (opens new window).

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