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Resize and optimize images with NodeJS


There are many packages and tools which do that.

Most of them are doing a lot of other things.

This package is focused on two tasks and does them pretty well:

  1. Resizes your images and
  2. Optimizes their size


npm i @three11/optisize


yarn add @three11/optisize


This tool accepts the following arguments:

  1. src: String - Source folder or file (Required)
  2. width: Number - Target width (Optional)
  3. height: Number - Target height (Optional)
  • The src argument should represent a relative path to your images folder or to your single image. The path is relative to your project's root folder. If the src is a folder, all images located inside other folders in that folder will be recursively optisized as well.



import optisize from '@three11/optisize';

const optisizeSettings = {
	src: 'path/to/images',
	width: 640,
	height: 360


As package.json script:

Add the following in the scripts section of your package.json file:

	"optisize": "optisize"

Then invoke the script and supply the required arguments:

yarn optisize --src="path/to/images" --width=640 --height=360


npm run optisize --src="path/to/images" --width=640 --height=360

Important note!

width and height settings are not required and can be supplied together, alone and also can be missing.

If they are missing, the images will only be optimized.


Optisize supports smart configuration settings via Cosmiconfig:

  • a package.json "optisize" property
  • a JSON or YAML, extensionless "rc file" - .optisizerc
  • an "rc file" with the extensions .json, .yaml, .yml, .js, or .cjs - .optisize.json, .optisize.yaml, .optisize.yml, .optisize.js, or .optisize.cjs
  • a .config.js or .config.cjs CommonJS module - optisize.config.js or optisize.config.cjs

Default configuration:

	// See https://github.com/imagemin/imagemin-gifsicle for more info
	"gif": {
		"interlaced": true
	// See https://github.com/imagemin/imagemin-mozjpeg for more info
	"jpeg": {
		"quality": 70
	// See https://github.com/imagemin/imagemin-pngquant for more info
	"png": {
		"quality": [0.5, 0.7]
	// See https://github.com/imagemin/imagemin-svgo for more info
	"svg": {},
	// See https://github.com/imagemin/imagemin-webp for more info
	"webp": {
		"quality": 50



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